About Us

La Putri


La Putri was founded in 1973 by Madam Wan Ming Chin. She was well known amongst Malaysian social elites for her fine taste, impeccable style and infectious joie-de-vivre.This fine boutique started as a channel for Madam Wan to share her love of exquisite jewellery with friends and relatives. It quickly blossomed with the enthusiastic endorsement of connoisseurs as they appreciated La Putri’s exceptional quality, innovative designs, and unparalleled personal service.


La Putri remains passionate in its search for stunning natural gemstones, original designs and applying master craftsmanship to create fine jewellery that is one-of-a- kind.

Our Philosophy

Jewellery is part of life. It is an expression of your family heritage, a celebration of an occasion, or a mark of a milestone in your life. It is a tangible asset that is able to hold emotional and sentimental value and be passed on through generations.


La Putri is passionate about providing the best that they are able to give for every aspect of the La Putri experience. The most important thing is that our clients are happy at the end of the day.

Our Sourcing


La Putri uses recycled jewellery metals for as much of the manufacturing process as possible. Old settings, scrap and trade-in items are consolidated and sent to a metallurgical refining factory to be smelted and purified. The pure gold is then re-mixed into 18kt gold usable jewellery metals with exact, known purity and working qualities.


La Putri only sources diamonds through well established, accountable diamond cutting companies that comply with The Kimberley Process as outlined in the UN Resolution of 2003.


In an effort to discourage unsustainable mining practices and illegal trade in organic gem materials such as coral, ivory and tortoise shell, La Putri actively educates customers and other industry associates of any current or ongoing issues in this regard.


Gemstones have a complex supply chain that is not easily traceable. To ensure best practices, La Putri works with a small number of long established and reputable gemstone cutters and suppliers who strive to closely track stones from mine to market, aiming to support environmental protection, fair labour practices, and a tight chain of custody to ensure traceability and transparency.


Where possible, La Putri also uses recycled gemstones where old gemstones are sent to the lapidary for re-cutting and polishing, making them into brand new gems of the same exacting quality standard that is used in all La Putri settings.


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