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Every Gen Tells A Story

Approach chocolates in a whole new way! Each session is fun yet informational, with many opportunities to enjoy novel chocolate creations. Join to know your chocolate like never before.
All About Chocolate by Ong Ning-Geng

Ning is graduate physicist with a passion for flavour. His training in the sciences has helped him with his adventures with taste through the understanding of processing mechanics, thermodynamics and molecular properties. He has been professionally working in areas of his passion for the past 8 years which has him exploring coffee, wine, regional cuisine and … chocolates!

His journey of learning has brought him all over the globe, from cocoa plantations in Costa Rica to chocolate makers in the region, including Vincent of Marou in Vietnam, and a Swiss chocolate maker in Schwyz, Felchlin. In 2015 Ning founded Chocolate Concierge, which serves up freshly handmade chocolates which have been highly rated by KL Time Out ranking of chocolate offerings in Malaysia, as well as in Eat Drink KL.

Join him in a social setting that celebrates chocolate by understanding the intricacies and subtleties, not just about chocolate but the way we perceive flavours.

Chocolate is often shrouded in mystery, by knowing how it is formulated, made and procured, the educated consumer can cut through the hype and have a genuine tasting experience. There will be plenty of specialty chocolates to go around, while you explore some factual questions about chocolate like “What makes white chocolate white?” and “What is couverture, baking chocolate, cooking chocolate, compound and cocoa mass?”

The next class will explore how flavour is perceived, with a focus on scents. Followed by a chocolate pairing exercise where participants will discuss and understand flavours and predict if a certain flavour pairing will work or not and finally to test their predictions.

For more information, call Christine at 03-21442340 or email artspacebylaputri@gmail.com.
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