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Every Gen Tells A Story

Well, to put it quite simply, yes, they are! Diamonds, which form eight-sided crystals called octahedrons are the hardest substance known to exist. Nothing can scratch or tarnish a diamond except another diamond!

Along with the gemstone Peridot, diamonds are the oldest materials known to Man, having formed around 3 billion years ago deep within the mantle portion of the Earth’s crust, approximately 150 miles deep within the earth. This means that the diamonds you own are actually billions of years old! Formed long, long before any life on the Earth, super durable diamonds will continue to endure any and all changes the Earth may experience in future. It is no wonder the diamond claims its place as the primary token of love. Not only the number one gemstone choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, diamond is also the centerpiece for many famous jewellery pieces.

You will be amazed to find out that even though diamonds are gemstones that last forever, they are not necessarily expensive. Natural diamonds are available in various sizes, shapes and qualities to suit almost any budget or design. So yes, you too can own a sparkling diamond!

For example, attractive, antique-looking “Cape Colour” faint yellow or faint brown diamonds can be surprisingly affordable. Despite the lower price point, these diamonds possess all the durability, shine, fire and beauty of the more familiar white diamonds. From the classic round brilliant cut to cushion shapes, emerald cuts, pear-cut, hearts, marquise cut and even custom-designed “fantasy shapes”, beautiful and durable diamonds can be used to create any kind of jewellery or art piece your heart may desire.

Diamonds are definitely a gemstone worthy of investment! If you’re interested to find out more about diamonds and other natural gemstones, head down to our fine jewellery boutiques in Mandarin Gallery in Singapore or Pavillion KL in Malaysia to have a chat with us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to walk you through many various options that will fit most any budget or design.

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