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Coffee Cupping by Chiam Tow Jin

Jin unknowingly stumbled upon his passion for coffee when he took on a part time job at Starbucks during his university student days. His interest in coffee led him to learn more online on the topic and where he found a local coffee blog that explores the wave of new local cafes. That was the spark and everything took off from there. As an avid cafe hopper, Jin discovered his love for the language and flavours of coffee. He loved the diversity of flavours and the different people he met. In 2013 he decided to pursue his passion professionally and passed as a Qualified Arabica Q-Grader from the Coffee Quality Institute as well as completed the World Competitions Educational Program.

He was awarded the BOBC Cup Taster Champion in in 2014 and has since been invited to judge at a number of Barista Championships both locally and in Thailand. He wanted to share his love of coffee and founded The Roast Things which strives to deliver the best cup of coffee.

Join him at Coffee Cupping where you will learn the protocol used when evaluating coffee. The participants will explore coffees from different regions and experience the diverse flavours that can be found in coffee. The classes are designed to be small and are limited to 10 people to ensure personal attention.

For more information, call Christine at 03-21442340 or email artspacebylaputri@gmail.com.
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