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Every Gen Tells A Story

With appealing simplicity and abstract elegance, Flux is grounded in artful harmony of geometric form and intriguing design.

Structural shapes are balanced with graceful curves, rich colours and precise craftsmanship.

Discover novel La Putri compositions and creative expressions of your own unique style with Flux.

1 bangle-earring-jade-white

A modern, minimalist take on jade, these jewellery pieces feature fresh white jade with clean lines and metal tones for a cool, relaxed elegance.

2 earring-rutilated-quartz-diamond

Show off feline beauty with these geometric cat eye earrings. They feature cat eye quartz, where rutile lines create the cat eye effect, and geometric lines intersect to highlight the beauty of the gemstones.

3 ring-amethyst-diamond-purple

Exude regal grace and sophistication with sleek contours and the rich royal purples of these splendid amethysts.

4 ring-earring-sapphire-yellow

Contrasting rose cut and full cut yellow sapphires make for interesting visual play in these asymmetrical studded rings.

5 ring-tourmaline-bicoloured

These intriguing tourmalines are iridescent – exhibiting shades of peach from some angles, and moss green from others. Inspired by balance in nature, the gems are cradled by geometric lines that pull in opposite directions.