Customised Jewellery

Customised Jewellery

Customised jewellery stands apart from the current mass-market trends sweeping through the internet or those commonly found in normal shops. You can say that customised jewellery truly embodies what “one of a kind” really is as they are tailor-made to specifically cater to a special person’s tastes, wants, and specifications.

Why Should You Get Customised Jewellery?

When we want to commemorate a milestone, stand out from the crowd, or reward ourselves, jewellery is a popular choice. As you go jewellery shopping, you may feel that the choices are too limited or do not reflect what you are looking for. This is where customised jewellery steps in, as each piece is tailored and crafted to suit only you or the intended wearer. It is the opportunity to truly express your individuality through jewellery.


There are many other benefits that make customised jewellery a desirable choice!

A Wider Variety of Options

From the type and number of gemstones used, to their arrangements, size, colour and shape, you can have a say in every detail! When combining metals and precious stones to create something that’s right for you, customised jewellery provides a platform for you to express yourself and tell your own story.  

Work With Professionals

Our designers and craftsmen are experienced professionals who understand the significance of getting customised jewellery. Your budget, taste, and wants will be taken into utmost consideration as they bring you a step closer to turning your dreams into reality.

Present Every Step of the Way

From discussing the materials to be used to reviewing designs, you will be a part of the whole process. You will be involved in each step and consulted to express your wants and expectations to ensure that the final piece is an expression of you.


At La Putri, we have over 50 years of experience in customising jewellery pieces, allowing us to bring your heart’s desires to life in just four steps.

Our Four Steps For Getting Customised Jewellery



You can bring in your ancestral pieces to be redesigned or hand-pick from our extensive collection of loose exquisite gemstones or even combine them both. Ultimately, each particular piece is designed to cater to your wants and needs.


We then have a conversation about your expectations on how and when you intend to wear this piece of jewellery. For example, if this piece is for a special occasion, or a piece that you would like to wear every day.  This will help us better understand your heart’s desires and guide the design direction. 


Keeping in mind your goals and budget, our designer will create and propose some designs for your viewing and remarks. Designs are discussed, colour combinations may be tweaked, or dimensions altered until all parties are satisfied.



The final step, bringing you closer to the jewellery of your dreams, is waiting for the piece to be ready. Once a design is finalised, we take at least 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the piece, for our master craftsmen to turn your fantasies into reality.

Get Your Customised Jewellery Now!

We have an extensive collection of fabulous and unique gemstones in our shop, ready and waiting for individuals who want to express their own stories through jewellery. Celebrate significant milestones and special occasions with thoughtful, personalised customised jewellery. The time that is taken to create meaningful pieces whether for a gift to oneself or a loved one will certainly be worth the effort. 


Contact us today to get started on customised jewellery for you or a loved one!