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Proposal ring Singapore

Congratulations, you’ve decided to propose! The ring is the most important symbol of your love and you want it to be perfect. While there are no hard and fast rules for the ring design, the sheer amount of options creates major confusion for the groom.

Proposal rings go back for centuries, originating from Greek or Roman times. The ring symbolized an ever-lasting promise between the bride and groom, and this meaningful practice has endured across all cultures ever since.

Today, the most popular and common proposal ring is the round diamond solitaire set with a plain simple white or yellow gold band. The “tradition” of giving a diamond proposal ring began with a marketing campaign in 1938 by De Beers to promote diamonds. This successful campaign has firmly cemented the diamond ring’s status as the iconic proposal ring.

Most ladies will be delighted to receive a brilliant diamond engagement ring. To pick out the perfect diamond ring, one will have to consider factors such as balance of cut, clarity, colour, size and budget.

For those looking for something different, there’s a world of many other gemstones worthy of this occasion! Other hardy gemstones great for daily wear include: sapphires, rubies and spinels. These come in all colours of the rainbow and you’ll be sure to find one to suit her taste. Coloured gemstones also have a greater range of price, so you can definitely find one to suit your budget as well.

When picking out the perfect gemstones, especially coloured ones, it is important to see them in person with your own eyes. There are many variances in colour gemstones that affect their beauty, rarity and value, thus it would be far better for you to see them in real life rather than just online. Make an appointment or a consultation with a reputable and knowledgeable jeweller, who will be a great help in your selection process.

Once you have chosen the perfect stone, the next thing to decide on is the ring design. Design often reflects the personality of the wearer. You know your fiance best, so choose one that reflects them the most!

Ring designs can have many variations, such as: a delicate band, a floral vintage look, a bold geometric ring or a classic 3-stone ring design. Pay attention to the jewellery style that your partner favours, and take inspiration from that. It’s also a good idea to speak to a few close friends of theirs to get good opinions. You can also get advice from your jeweller, who will definitely be able to help suggest suitable design ideas, as well as to guide you on which designs will remain classic and withstand the test of time, just as your relationship would.

All the best, and may you find the perfect proposal ring! Feel free to browse our options for proposal rings in Singapore.

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