Freeform Beauty Celebrated In The Lithos Collection By La Putri

31 December 2021

ILa Putri, one of the region’s most exclusive couture jewellers, is presenting a landmark first for Malaysia and Singapore by showcasing jewellery that features naturally shaped tumble-polished gems as gorgeous centerpieces.

In its latest collection collectively titled Lithos, La Putri has taken the raw beauty of tumbled gems like unheated Spinels and Sapphires and used natural white, rose or yellow gold to showcase their natural beauty, turning them into bold statement-makers. The elegant designs perfectly complement the woman of the 21st century, embodying vitality, freedom, individuality and a sense of spontaneity and fun.

As the gems are tumble polished in their natural form, the gentle facets and curves follow their original shape, with contours and lines that are natural and compellingly, uniquely graceful. Each stone is truly unique – akin to a very precious pebble. Because of that, no two pieces are ever alike. Because of the naturally elegant lines, La Putri designer Goh Ying Li took equal inspiration from the graceful forms and the seasons of Spring and Summer to design the Lithos collection, working with the curves and contours of the tumbled gems and complementing them with finely pave-set diamonds.

The Lithos collection is a study of versatile glamour and effortless elegance, worked around a modern aesthetic. Ying Li explains, “The smaller pieces may be worn on their own and be used to dress up or dress down any outfit, so they may be paired up with anything a woman wishes to wear.” She added that the myriad colours, grouped in delicate pastel or strong vivid shades, were a perfect complement to current fashion trends.

The distinctive smoky midnight blue cabochon Spinel ring, set as a centerpiece among a graceful row of pave-set diamonds, for instance, can be worn to complement anything from an evening gown to a business suit, and can even be used to rock a t-shirt and a pair of jeans!

One of the showstoppers is a singularly stunning ring featuring two flawless pink Sapphires, dual focal points supported by fluid, elegant lines of tiny diamonds that seemingly flow around the former. In a pair of earrings, Spinels and Sapphires in green, pink, blue and peach tones lay on a white-gold grid, forming a centerpiece for a frame that celebrates their natural shapes.

The Lithos collection will be exhibited in private, elegant showcases in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia from March to April 2012.

About La Putri

Established in 1973, La Putri has been at the forefront of designing and creating hand-crafted jewellery that has been admired, worn and passed down from generation to generation. Counting members of royalty and Southeast Asia’s social elite among its clients, La Putri’s jewellery designs hold true to the timeless ideals of fine taste.

La Putri’s passion for high-quality fine jewellery leads them to source around the world for unique and stunning gemstones in order to create truly timeless, absolutely appreciable jewellery that is prized by the discerning. Each gemstone’s unique characteristics help to inspire stunning one-of-a-kind designs that showcase the centerpiece in arresting, evocative ways.

La Putri’s jewellery is classified by its Couture, Prêt-a-porter and Couture Plus collections, the last being one-of-a-kind commissions requested by private clients.

La Putri’s Malaysian boutique in is located at 03-32, Level Three in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

For media enquiries, please contact:

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