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Every Gen Tells A Story

Gain insight into the mysterious world of gems. This is an interactive workshop where you can learn some practical tips on how to select true gems for your own collection.

Fun with Gemology by Richard English

Richard English is a Graduate Jeweler-Gemologist trained at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)  in the USA. He worked as a professional diamond grader at the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory in California before embarking on his career as a Corporate Gemologist in Southeast Asia in the mid-1990’s.

Mr. English has had a long and interesting range of buying experiences in the ever-changing world of fine quality gemstones, and will offer insider’s insights and  tips that retail consumers rarely consider. Real top quality gemstones will be used in the class, giving attendees an unusually immersive, exciting and invaluable experience.

The classes will concentrate on valuable and collectible gemstones that can be identified and qualified by normal methods, and Richard will offer advice – and warnings – on what educated and savvy buyers should look out for out in a World experiencing increasing rarity and high-tech treatments of the most beautiful and desirable gemstones.

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