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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Ring and Wedding Band?

Engagement and wedding rings are a timeless symbol of love, commitment, and beauty.
The question often is: “Which ring will be the perfect ring for me”?

Traditionally an engagement ring features a solitaire diamond in a simple, minimalist setting. Today, many prefer a less traditional approach, perhaps opting for a fancy-coloured or unusually shaped diamond, or incorporating personalized design elements to express their own individual taste and style. This process is a golden opportunity for a couple to create something beautiful, meaningful and lasting together. There are no hard and fast rules, the only goal is to create rings that provides lasting happiness and satisfaction.

Why should you choose a diamond for your wedding ring?

Diamonds are very hard and tough, making it a good practical choice as it is likely that you plan to wear your ring every day. It is the hardest substance known to man, and the resistance to chipping and abrasion is also exceptional. Diamonds are available in an extremely wide range of sizes, qualities, and cutting styles, and also an extremely wide price range, making it possible for almost anyone to find a diamond ring that suits their taste and budget. For example, 1-carat diamonds can be found selling from USD$2000 to $2 million! Master cutters create scintillating cut stones from a wide variety of rough diamond shapes, fashioning the shiny natural crystals into round, oval, square, rectangle, cushion, pear, heart and many other “fantasy-cut” shapes. Whatever the cutting style, diamonds possess a distinctive, inimitable shine and sparkle that no other gem can match. Diamond has always been known as ‘The King of Gems”!

Alternatively, sapphire rings are also becoming increasingly valued, despite being a more novel choice.

What is the process of making a custom-design ring?

Choosing what type of engagement and wedding band to get is one of the first big choices new couples make together, and it can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Top jewellery designers work with the client, often the couple together, to create a design with a personalised touch, expressing the wearer’s own life story and unique individual style. Careful listening, attention to detail, expert gem selection, and exquisite craftsmanship come together to enable designers and clients to work together and create a beautiful, individualised engagement and wedding bands that will bring joy and satisfaction for a lifetime.

What design is most suitable for a wedding band?

In Singapore and Malaysia, simple, durable designs that will stand the test of time have always been the practical priority. But what if you really want something different? Practical choices can still be made in creating new and unique personalised ring designs, and a talented professional jewellery designer can offer you many ideas and options that can give you fresh perspectives and inspiration.

What metal is best to use?

Wedding jewellery is almost always fashioned from the noble metals Gold or Platinum. Finer jewellers generally use 18-karat gold (75% pure) in traditional yellow, or white and rose-coloured alloys. Gold offers superior working qualities like ease of polishing and repair, and it is generally preferred by craftsmen for its natural surface lustre and ease of use.

Platinum enjoyed a value surge in the 1990’s, and the extra-dense precious metal became known as a luxurious choice for those who prefer white metal. 18-karat white gold density actually feels very similar, and it looks identical in final manufactured form, so platinum offers little in the way of practical superiority. Gold currently trumps platinum in raw-metal value, so it is really a personal choice which metal seems the most “luxurious” to you! Colour combinations of white, yellow and rose metal often work particularly well for men’s wedding bands, complimenting watches and other accessories for a polished and distinctive look.


Be it engagement rings or wedding bands, your rings tell your unique story as a couple. The decision of gemstone, metal and design will be your individual choice. The team at La Putri in both Malaysia and Singapore boutiques will be happy to help you create beautiful, lasting and unique symbols for yourselves to be admired and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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