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Every Gen Tells A Story

A piece of jewellery is a personal and sentimental gift that’s a joy to receive. Be it in honour of an occasion or a show of affection, receiving a beautiful piece of jewellery gives one many fond memories to look back upon.

To mark these warm memories, what better way to crystallize these unique moments in a personalised, custom-made piece of jewellery? By incorporating elements of your story into the jewellery design, you can create a one-of-a-kind gift that’s surely one to remember.

Here are some anecdotes from customers who’ve chosen to weave their stories into their own pieces of bridal jewellery.

Story 1:

The Bear

When John first proposed to Taylor, they were living in Arizona. John had just begun work then, and he proposed to Taylor with an simple, elegant 0.30ct solitaire diamond ring. 10 years later, John wanted an anniversary present to replace the original engagement ring with something more special. They wanted a ring that would represent their story together. They had a few requirements:

  • Incorporate the original diamond
  • Use orange and black to represent the colours of Arizona where he had proposed
  • To include 3 small bears, symbolizing their nicknames for each other

The result? A bold and unique ring with an added 0.50ct diamond, orange and black sapphire gems with 3 subtle bear motifs in rose gold carved on the underside of the ring.

Story 2:

An Anniversary Present

Lee Yen and Marcus were looking for an anniversary present. Lee Yen wanted something that she could wear on a daily basis, and she took a liking to the simplicity of the eternity band. We suggested a classy set of 5 custom-made rings. Marcus and his first daughter are both born in March – so we included their birthstone of Aquamarine. Lee Yen is born in July, represented by a shimmering deep ruby. Her 2 other children born in February and May are represented by amethyst and emerald. Lee Yen playfully jests that if she’s angry with anyone in the family, they would know because she wouldn’t be wearing the ring with their birthstone.

Story 3:

Race Horse

Mdm Tan wanted a special tea ceremony present for her future daughter-in-law, Natasha. Natasha was not one to wear much jewellery on a daily basis, and owns a few simple pieces for daily wear. Mdm Tan wanted a special, personalised piece of jewellery that would suit Natasha’s taste.

As we listened to Mdm Tan describe Natasha, we learnt of Natasha’s passion for horses and horse riding. Natasha also wears jackets often, so we suggested a custom-made sophisticated brooch with a beautiful horse head carved out of citrine. We created a bespoke jewellery design around the horse with a stunning combination of yellow, white and rose gold with exquisite diamond details.

An unconventional tea ceremony gift, Natasha was extremely delighted to receive this piece of bridal jewellery which resonated with her personally. It was a gift specially made for her, demonstrating her mother-in-law’s understanding of her, and of Mdm Tan’s extra effort to create something different for Natasha.

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