La Putri Presents:  Diamonds – The Classic Collection

06 January 2022

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The modern woman can now buy and own her own diamonds, without waiting for her man to get it for her. What she wants, she gets; true quality is what every woman is really looking for in a diamond.

After several seasons of coloured gemstones taking centre stage, women are yearning for classic diamonds once again. The trend towards desiring classic, timeless, elegant jewellery has returned. Pieces that reflect the taste and style of the wearer, that transcend time, becoming heirlooms for the future – this is what discerning women want to own.

La Putri is at the forefront of the trend this season with their new exhibition

Diamonds- the Classic Collection. This is an ensemble of important pieces, with utmost attention paid to gem quality, craftsmanship, and unique style. Of special interest is their selection of rare “collector’s diamonds”: precision-cut RAND diamonds, diamonds above 3 carats, and fabulous fancy-coloured diamonds in shades of romantic pink, bright yellow, and gentle blue. This is the most extensive diamond collection ever put together by La Putri.

Says La Putri director Goh Shuet-Li, “It is increasingly difficult to source top-quality diamonds in larger sizes on the international market today. There is once again such a high demand from collectors for top quality stones. We are looking to fill this gap in the market with this special exhibition. It’s a simply spectacular collection of never-seen-before gemstones and jewellery designs. I am very happy to have the opportunity to bring this collection to Singapore, and to be associated with such magnificent jewellery. I believe we are filling a gap in the market for serious gemstones. We want to show discerning women some truly exceptional jewellery.”

Diamonds – The Classic Collection

The exhibition will be launched on May 4th at the Shangri-La Hotel.

For further inquiries please contact Ms. Lani Chan at 9688 482 



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