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Every Gen Tells A Story

Discover the art of handlettering as we look into your handwriting character to form works of art. Create beautiful script while subconsciously stimulating the brain in a therapeutic way.
Letterapy by Srikasih Febriyanti

Febry, as she is commonly called, is a graduate in Advertising with over 8 years experience in the advertising and media industry. With a passion for design and an interest on letterform, Febry started Letterplatters in 2011 as an independent design practice that has allowed her to explore typography design. It has provided her with a playground to get into editorial,logotype, publication and many others related areas that involve alphabets and lettering. Letterplatters has led to a variety of doors from work with magazines to creating company brand identity and custom stationaries.

The name “Letterapy” comes from the manifestation of how Febry sees lettering as one of the activities that can be done by crafting our very own handwriting as a tool to express feelings and thoughts into a form of appreciated art.

Letterapy @ Artspace will show you how lettering art can help its enthusiast appreciate the beauty of words. Lettering art takes both skill and patience to create decorative wordings that can be used in daily life. The process can be challenging but the results will be highly rewarding. You will explore the lines and shapes of your personal alphabets and learn to develop your own style of wordings and compose them into beautiful artworks. No prior lettering experience is required. The workshops are designed to be small and are limited to a maximum of 10 people to ensure personal attention.

For more information, call Christine at 03-21442340 or email artspacebylaputri@gmail.com.
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