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Every Gen Tells A Story

Do you have pieces of jewellery locked away in the drawer or safe that you just never wear? Perhaps they are pieces of heirloom jewellery or “Si Dian Jin” that were given to you when you got married and it’s “just not you” and it’s never been worn except for your wedding day. Or it could be pieces of jewellery that you have outgrown, or where the design is outdated. Well, the beauty of jewellery is that it can be recycled, and La Putri has over 4 decades of experience as Singapore and Melaysia’s trusted bespoke jeweller in redesigning and recycling old jewellery.

We took this gorgeous heirloom ruby out of its vintage setting, and put it in an
elegant, modern setting.

How does this all work? Here is a step-by-step description of the process.

  1. Gather your materials: Identify all the pieces that you think you don’t use and would like to take apart. This includes that earring with the other half missing, or gold bracelet that is broken and unusable. Remember, all bits of real jewellery, even the gold, can be recycled. Customers are often pleasantly surprised how valuable all those garish gold bangles and chains are that can be used to pay towards the new settings cost.
  2. Bring everything: Bring all the pieces you intend to recycle at one time. We will remove all the gemstones from the settings and value the remaining gold or platinum. The value of any precious metals that are traded in will then be used to contra against the cost of the new setting! The actual gold is not re-used as it is deemed impure and may affect the quality of the new piece of jewellery. It is instead sent to be refined where it is broken down into pure gold and or other metals, and then recycled.
  3. Choosing your design: Our designers will work with the customer to suggest ideas, and guide the customer on design options and costing. You may consider if you want a new piece of jewellery for everyday use, or for special occasions and events. You can combine all the loose gemstones into one piece of jewellery, or put together new gemstones with your existing stones to create something completely new! In some cases, we have customers who decide to break up larger pieces of jewellery to make a few pieces that can be gifted to the children. The options are limitless, and it is always totally up to you.
  4. Production: After the design has been selected, the designer provides a technical rendering of the piece with an estimated cost of setting. Once approved, the gemstones, if any, are sent to our workshop and the craftsmen will begin to create the piece. These exquisitie pieces of jewellery are meticulously handcrafted, and good things take time! Depending on the complexity, after the design is confirmed, a piece of jewellery usually takes 4-6 weeks to be completed. More complex pieces may take a couple months or more. If you wish to customise a piece for an occasion or gift, we suggest you start the whole process at least 3 months in advance of when you need it.

As your reward, you will now own a piece of bespoke and customised jewellery that is completely and uniquely yours! Interested in re-designing your old jewellery? Drop by our boutique stores in Singapore and Kuala Lumper to have a chat with our designers.

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