Ready To Wear

La Putri creations are individually crafted and one-of-a-kind, using only natural gemstones and mainly 18kt gold. From basic essentials to high jewellery for special occasions, La Putri takes meticulous care throughout their approaches to sourcing, design, and fabrication.

The Essentials

Essential jewellery adds elegance to any outfit, effortlessly transforming your look into casual luxury. Express your personality with these enduring jewellery essentials. Quality gemstones are natural treasures that last forever are a worthwhile investmentment that can brighten your today and continue to sparkle into your future.

Special Occasions

Balancing art and investment, a beautifully designed piece of jewellery with mesmerizing gemstones ignites a joy deep in our soul. Commemorate life’s small victories and special occasions with the perfect piece that speaks to you. Whether you shout it out loud or exude quiet confidence, let jewellery be an expression of you.


Spinel is a gemstone that has been shining in the spotlight recently, gaining the attention of new jewellery aficionados as well as seasoned collectors. Spinel is found in a wide array of colours, and some of the vibrant colours in blue, pink and red can be very rare and valuable.