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Si dian jin Singapore

Si Dian Jin, A Touch of Tradition for the Modern Bride


So, what is Si Dian Jin? Originating from the Teo Chew chinese culture, Si Dian Jin translates literally in to “4 pieces of gold”. It is a welcome gift presented by the groom’s parents to the new bride, usually during the customary Tea Ceremony.

Today, how this custom is practised depends on the preferred interpretation by the families involved. Si Dian Jin may not necessarily be gold only. It may not be even be 4 different items but 1 more important single jewellery piece. Many modern brides opt for jewellery designs which offer the versatility to be worn as ready-to-wear pieces as her everyday accessories after the big day.

A Jade Si Dian Jin set, incorporating contemporary design aesthetics, is a popular modern Si Dian Jin option. Jade being a particularly relevant gemstone to the Chinese culture, is a most appropriate cross-over between the old and the new.

Si Dian Jin is symbolic. Most importantly, it preserves a tradition, creates a memory, and becomes an heirloom to pass down through generations.

Your modern Si Dian Jin set can be as individual as you, the all important bride. Whether you prefer something classic and elegant, or something alternative with abit of a twist, start a conversation with us at La Putri. We would be more than happy to walk you through your options for Si Dian Jin in Singapore.

Si dian jin Singapore
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