The Absolute Gems Collection

08 March 2022

Rare gems come to life in exquisite bespoke designs

Today’s elite demand an immense choice of spoils to satisfy the appetites of the discerning. But what eludes them are those things which cannot be produced on demand. These are the Absolute Gems of the world.

When browsing through the best retail arcades, it is easy to take for granted that when you want that “special something”, you can simply walk in to a boutique and own it. That may be so for some luxury items, but in the world of fine gems, one should not forget that there are exceptional gems that are completely one of a kind. They are products of nature, taking millions -even billions– of years to form, and a myriad of natural phenomena must occur in amazing coincidence to produce that one special gem. This is what La Putri is offering today – an experience in the realm of the best of the best.

To further enhance these gems, La Putri studies each stone individually, and explores the various ways of bringing to life each stone’s unique features; be it its unusual colour, cut or size. The result will be a bespoke piece, absolutely non-repeatable, because of the very nature of the unique gems used. It is therefore not just another ordinary piece of fine jewellery, but a one-of-a-kind collectible, a luxury product which is a statement of both the gems and its wearer.

Highlights from La Putri’s “Absolute Gems” will include a rare collection of precious Rubies and Sapphires set in exquisite jewellery, as well as a fine selection of loose stones for the discerning individual. This collection will include quality non-heat-treated stones, which are becoming increasingly rare and difficult to obtain. Exceptional and uniquely appealing Baroque South Sea Pearls will also be showcased, including a myriad of unusual natural shapes and colours direct from Tahiti.

A selection of Imperial Green Jadeite, set in contemporary, sophisticated designs will also be available. A very large of range outstanding Coloured Stones will be presented, from the enchanting violet hues of Tanzanite to rare colours in Tourmalines, Spinels, and Fancy Sapphires.

A unique feature of many of La Putri’s pieces is the capability of multi-functional use. Necklaces can convert to pendants and/or brooches, whilst earrings can transform from casual day-wear to striking evening dangles.

Experience “The Absolute Gems Collection” at La Putri in Star Hill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur from 25 to 28 April 2007, followed by a showing at the

Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore from 3 to 6 May 2007.

For more details, please contact the boutiques directly:

Kuala Lumpur T: 603-2144 2340

Singapore T: 65-6733 3345

email :


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